Sardegna Open 2020

    Cagliari, September 6, 2020 - September 13, 2020

     The World Padel Tour, the Padel Champions League, arrives for the first time in history in Italy.   
       Cagliari will be the host city of a unique sporting event,   during which the international stars of the sport   they will show.   
       The World Padel Tour brings thousands of fans every year to   follow the maximum expression of the international padel, with   stages that take place in Spain, Argentina, Mexico,   England, Brazil, France, Belgium and Sweden and now also in   Italy: a long journey through the continents that leads the   top of the players to clash to climb the leaderboard   world.   
       The stages of the Tour always manage to create an atmosphere of   great vitality and entertainment.   
       The speed and spectacle of the game, the audience   passionate and the beauty of the host cities contribute   to create a magnificent show. 

    From 6 to 13 September.
    A unique location in the world.
    Let's enter the history of this sport.

    La sede del torneo


    The Sardegna Open 2020 will be played in Cagliari.
    The Region of Sardinia is a land of sport and Cagliari is in fact an immense natural gym, the perfect place for sports activities.
    The European City of Sport 2017 will continue its vocation by hosting the first edition of the Italian Open.
    From 6 to 13 September the Island will host all matches, from pre-qualifying to the Open final and the entire tournament will be played in two special locations full of charm, history and tradition.
    The Tennis Club Cagliari will welcome the best players on the planet in five courts, where most of the duels will be played, including the final stages.
    Also in the heart of Cagliari, in Bastione di Saint Remy, a spectacular field will be installed with a view of the city in a breathtaking and majestic setting.

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    La sede del torneo


    The main draw of the “ Sardegna Open 2020“ includes 28 couples (male / female). In particular, the top 22 in the world ranking, 2 wild cards, and 4 coming from the “qualy“.

    The top 22 pairs of the WPT ranking + 2 wild cards (World Padel Tour) will have direct access to the Main Draw.

    In the “Qualy“ 16 pairs will access directly from the WPT ranking (8 pairs for the women's circuit) and 8 pairs from the “pre-qualy“. This stage will identify 4 pairs to be added to the main draw.

    The subsequent pairs coming from the WPT ranking and 4 wild cards (3 for the women's circuit) chosen in collaboration with FIT will have access to the “Pre Qualy“.

    To follow all the stages of the Sardegna Open 2020, visit the site:

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